The Morangos® Net grants 4 Franchising concepts to its franchising partners: Day Nursery, Kindergarten; Academy, FunPark.

Morangos® grants all its method and know-how, adapted to the locations management (Day Nursery, Kindergarten; Academy, FunPark), Marketing, self-Software and initial training, specific and advanced training and continuous support to the franchisees activity.

The necessary conditions for future partners are mainly the taste for working with children and an enterprising ability and spirit.


Regarding the locations, they differ according to the required purpose:

-          The Day Nursery must be, at least 200 m2, optional exterior space.

-          Pre-school must be, ate least 200 m2, the existence of an exterior space is a mandatory requirement.

-          The Morangos® Academy must be, at least 150 m2

-          The FunPark must be at least 400 m2.

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