The Kidsitting (Playroom) appears associated with the need to offer family support structures that facilitate the reconciliation of family and professional life with moments of leisure. Can be implemented in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, sports halls, events, weddings, birthdays etc.

The Kidsitting (Playroom) is much more than a mere entertainment space for the little ones. It constitutes an important stimulation to the development environment of children, since it encourages imagination, interaction, oral language, the graphical expression, the Organization of thought, the aesthetic sense, understanding of the world around you, the creative process, sensitivity, identity, autonomy and self knowledge.
Children have at their disposal a space intended for their full development, through toys and playful banter, under the guidance of monitors of Strawberries throughout the period in which they remain in Kidsitting (Playroom).

The Kidsitting (Playroom) provides to small exclusive experience and excellence, with rich opportunities for socialization, learning, fun and comfort, safe and creative space, taking advantage of a special and prestigious proposal and providing families guarantee absolute safety and well-being for their children. 
Morangos takes the Playroom for your House, party, event or vacation!!
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