The Morangos® group has as its main values the raising of future adults with a critical spirit, an active role and autonomy.

The Morangos® net longs to transform the units in places where it reigns formation, investigation, creativity, physical and psychological development as well as joy and happiness in all children. Family is always a fundamental pillar that Morangos® includes in all this process in a way to be able to achieve the previously defined goals.

Another large value of the Group is to be able through the example of our children to transmit to today’s society, the importance of the preservation of natural and cultural resources so that we can have a better future with respect for Nature as well as for ethnic and cultural diversity.


The Morangos® net has as it mission to attend to families of global contemporary, observing the imposed demands of the professional, social and personal day to day, through the offer of goods and services to children, accompanying them in their growth and singularity, with practices that flock to their global, healthy and harmonious development. Looks for an offer of a quality service in highly qualified locations, equipped with exclusive materials, with safety and comfort, where the details are thought to the minimum, since the image, decoration, equipment and daily pedagogical practices.

Work With Us
Head Office
Praceta D.Nuno Alvares Pereira, nº 20
3º Andar Sala DB
4450-218 Matosinhos
Telefone: 229 395 009