The Morangos® Group fundamental objective is the offer of quality services to the child and the family accompanying them in their growth and singularity, with practices that promote the global, healthy and harmonious development of the child.

The answer to the child and family’s needs is accompanied by a constant concern in refining the educational resources and practices. 

Arts and Crafts
Morangos® intervenes in the level of the children sensorial and psychomotor skills, creating a space where the technique, the pleasure and the creativity take place through drawing, painting and arts and crafts.

The artistic education is essential for the intellectual, social, physic and emotional growth of children and youngsters.

As drama is a group activity which develops itself from the knowledge, experiences and individual experiences that students have and may propitiate the acquisition and comprehension of new learnings through the exploration of drama contents.

Capoeira teaches children to use the gestures, facial and physical movements as a way of expression of feelings, exploring the expressive possibilities of the body and space enhancing their ability of interacting with others.
As a martial art and properly oriented by qualified and competent teachers, Kempo is a space where stored energies are (re)oriented in a biological, psychological and social level.

Modern life hardly offers quality means for the personal and social development that we would all like to see.

There are too many personal interests that tend to favour selfish behaviours which make us more aggressive and increase the levels of stress.

Ninjutsu allows the acquisition of knowledge and measures characteristic of a preparing martial art for the defense of a gun less physical welfare, which requires a caring ethic training.

Once a week students go to a local gym to practice sports such as swimming. 

Yoga helps the child to pace with more conscience and security, offering the possibility of living better with itself, teaching how to harmonize energies, affording a Smiley and Happy Future.

The Babysitting service of Morangos® occurs having in thought the family leisure moments.

Leave your children in good hands, with comfort and total security accompanied by monitors specialized in child pedagogy.

They will be in good company with us!

Birthday Parties

Morangos® is prepared for birthday parties that take place in all Morangos® locations in the country, with the accompaniment of specialized monitors, assuring all security in the funniest games.  We also have a location specially dedicated to parties, the Morangos® FunPark!

Bring your guests and spend a wonderful day with music and the most incredible adventures!

Come and sing your Happy Birthday song in a place filled with colour and joy!

Childbirth Preparation
Morangos® also has to offer Childbirth Preparation Courses, an educational instrument which will be a fundamental tool for newly parents.

Morangos® offers children an approach to the English language.

Therefore, children are prepared for one of the world requirements which is written and oral fluency in this language.
GIP – Psychological Intervention Office

The GIP occurs from the need of helping parents to find a greater satisfaction in the interaction with their children, through a family psychological intervention as to promote the emotional and educational stability of the child.

It promotes the accompaniment, technical/psychological support and referral in children that may present learning or development difficulties.

The areas where GIP intervenes are:

-Psych pedagogical Evaluation and Support

- Psychological Evaluation and Accompaniment

- Vocational Orientation

Holidays and theme activities

In the yearly school calendar, the Academy has several theme activities and holidays programs prepared which long to arouse the children creativity.

In these activities they get to know the meaning, history and importance of the social context of the theme in question, as well as the development of related fun activities: arts and crafts, games, stories, theatre, cooking and even field trips.

Permit nr. 500/2009 – Portuguese Youth Institute
Holidays Program

Morangos® has several activities and many surprises prepared for its fantastic Holidays Programs in every school breaks in several Morangos® Units. These activities aim to stimulate the creativity and psych-motor development of children.

Some examples of those activities are Arts and crafts, music and physics, cooking workshops, creative dance, magic, karting, Pilates, golf and we also have beach and surfing in the summer, among many other fun and pedagogical activities. 

(The Holidays Program are according to the Portuguese Youth Institute permit).
Home Tutoring

The INDIVIDUAL HOME TUTORING service is an opportunity to have even better grades, with the support of specialized teachers and monitors.

With Morangos®to study is a pleasure, even without leaving your home!

-Pedagogical support / studying techniques

-Individual home tutoring

- Home exams preparation:

-Primary school exams

-High school exams

-National final exams

The Academy stirs children and teenagers to get to know and use the new technologies. The main goal is the development of new abilities using the computer and the internet which are essential tools for the future.
Parenting School

The same way children need adult orientation to grow up in a healthy way, many times parents require support to educate these children.

Morangos® has developed the project “Parenting School” regarding the child and its relationship with the people responsible for their education, as all psych-social and child development events should be seen in an integrated way with their family.

TARGET-AUDIENCE: The Parenting school is oriented for guardians who worry about their children well-being in a foundation of a healthy and positive relationship.

OBJECTIVES: With the Parenting School we intend to:

-          Create skills at parenting level that allow a better performance at education level;

-          Create spaces of dialog and experience sharing;

-          Afford support and orientation for families;

-          Promote a larger involvement of Parenting Associations in a preventive work.

Pedagogical support

The Morangos® Academy promotes with its students, the acquisition of study abilities, promoting autonomy and self-regulation of the student during the building process of learning building.

The Academy promotes the follow up of the children studies, namely in homework and assistance in the subjects they experience more difficulties. These follow up is taught by teachers of all teaching levels creating conditions for the promotion of the school success from all students. 

Morangos® takes care of the transportation of the students daily in our own van for comfort and safety for parents and children.

Check in the nearest Morangos® for the availability of this service, licensed according to the Law nr13/2007 of 17th April – Children Public Transportation.


During the year, Morangos® suggests a series of workshops with education related subjects, maternity, child psychology, among others.

We make this a commonplace for all people related to the child education, longing to approach several themes. This training is offered in workshops where relevant themes are transmitted and approached to an informed parenting education.

Propose a theme that you would like to see approached in these workshops around the country here.

Pay attention to our workshops calendar: There are a lot of very interesting news!

Dance and Music
The Morangos® Academy teaches the child to use gestures, facial and body movements as a way of expressing the feelings, enhancing their ability of interacting with others.

This space wishes to give the child a learning, through several games and activities, which will be the basis or complement to the subject of Music in the 1st or 2nd cycle of education, but also longs to enhance in the child the taste for music and hearing refinement.

The specific abilities to be developed in this space are represented around four large organizers:  Interpretation and Communication; Creation and Experimentation; Musical and hearing Perception; Musical Cultures in context.
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