Study Room
The study room consists of a space, which is endowed with educational hardware with futuristic avant-garde, such as interactive whiteboards, interactive tables, room management software, among others, with the support of the virtual study platform.
Study hall/pedagogical support is intended to promote the academic and educational success of students, as well as the development and consequent accountability for own learning.

The importance of quality pedagogical support for Morangos is key. In fact, the educational success of your students is the most distinctive element of the study hall and Morangos that contributes significantly to its quality image and reference.

The teachers of the schools, parents and the community at large will recognize certainly the quality of a good job in terms of pedagogical support, because the progress of students entering the school study hall Morangos become evident soon.

The achievement of school work is the most important element to be taken into account and should not ever be neglected. No student of the study room Morangos going to school the next day or that day with homework to be done. Once completed the objectives at the level of achievement of the homework, it is important to reserve a time for the extra works, with the purpose of consolidating the learning of school subjects and work those in which students present major difficulties.

Finally, can be booked any time, if there is availability, to work other aspects, such as group work, written works, performances or other.
Therefore,  study room Morangos creates conditions for the promotion of school success for all students. 
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