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Crescer connosco
faz bem!

Crescer connosco
faz bem!

0-3 anos

3-6 anos

6-18 anos

2-12 anos

To do good. It is in this sense that the entire educational project of Morangos is based.

An integrated system of education that promotes the perfect balance between emotion and reason, between love and knowledge, between sharing and autonomy. And, just like the fruit, which is also good for the heart and the brain, in Morangos we want our children to grow up with an excellent heart, and with an extraordinary brain. Only this way, a healthy and happy life can be built.


Nursery – 0 a 3 anos

THE BEST STARTS HERE! The first words. The first sounds. The first smiles. We promote the physical development, the motor coordination, the sensory and cognitive development, the symbolic function and the language of the child up to 3 years old.

baby learning
kid learning


Kindergarten – 3 a 6 anos

DISCOVER, DISCOVER, DISCOVER. Where the first questions and the first discoveries arise. We support and promote the children who choose us the physical, intellectual, personal and social development, in a global and harmonious way.


Academy – 6 a 18 anos

TO LEARN MORE AND TO AWAKE THE CREATIVITY. The stage of school exams and artistic auditions began. To increase knowledge and discover talents, we offer a stimulating and creative environment at the intellectual, social, emotional and physical levels.

teenager in elementary school
boy in kindergarten


FunPark – 2 a 12 anos

E QUEM NÃO SALTA…! To laugh, play, run and jump. Here is where you can feel the contagious energy of the kids. The Morangos FunPark is our indoor amusement park.

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